the data

What makes the score

The tenant score indicates the reliability of a tenant applicant. The score ranges from 0% to 100%. Higher score means less risky tenant. Meaning it is highly unlikely that the tenant:

- Misses the rental payments  
- Does not pay on time
- Damages the property
- Steals the inventory
- Ends the rental contract prematurely
- Throws parties all night long

Our tenant background checks use statistical models to calculate the tenant score, which is a weighted average based on past financial and behavioral data of tenants with similar characteristics.

- Applicant-provided data from the application questionnaire
- Digital footprint data collected during the application process
- Feedback from other property owners about the applicant
- Applicant’s past payment defaults from Estonia’s largest payment default registry (Creditinfo)
- Applicant’s six-month average official salary (Confirmed by Pensionikeskus)
- Official announcements about the applicant
- Criminal cases where the applicant has appeared as a defendant
- Applicant’s social media data
- Public domain news where the applicant appears in

What we value

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Keeping your personal data safe is at the heart of everything we do.
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