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Teele Annus
Experienced in strategic planning, marketing communications and leading people. She has a bachelor degree in business, masters degree in international commercial law and management experience from the U.K. She is working at the Ministry of Finance of Estonia as a project manager of performance based budgeting reform. At Securebadger she is in charge of both investor and customer relationships.
Karl Märka
Head of Data Science
Karl has broad experiences in management as well as the technical domain building data warehouses, machine learning applications and business analytics solutions in the diverse fields of biotechnology, consumer finance and currently credit scoring at Creditinfo Estonia where he leads the data science team. At Securebadger he is in charge of the algorithms that calculate the risk profile of rental contracts.
Mikk Laos
Head of Development
Mikk gained his financial sector experience from the payment solutions provider Pocopay where he has architected and analysed multiple core banking features. He has extensive experience with cloud computing and cloud-based architectural solutions both from the design and implementation ends.
At Securebadger he is in charge of developing the platform.
Levan Salia
Head of Engineering
Levan has a data engineer background from the consumer finance sector where he works on data processing and automation pipelines as well as data warehousing. He is a tech enthusiast and passionate about the startup environment. He is a software development polyglot working on everything from machine learning to front end development. At Securebadger he is in charge of the data pipeline.

What we value

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We deliver our promises consistently and look for ways to exceed expectations.
Keeping your personal data safe is at the heart of everything we do.
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